Where is all the data coming from?

At rate.exposed, all data you see is submitted by people, who are just like you and me, to help each other make informed decisions.

How to review my service provider?

Each service category page has a link to a google form where you can fill out the survey. Once you complete and submit, you will see your report shown on rate.exposed.

How does rate.exposed protect reviewers?

Protecting reviewers is our top priority, so everything is handled anonymously. All the questions in the google form are tailored to only reveal things that are necessary. For example, in reviewing your realtor, we intentionally not to ask your exact number of your property price but use categories instead (500k to 1M), so that your agent wouldn't figure out whom submitted the report.

How is rate.exposed different from other service review site?

Transparency: Existing review sites tend to hide real pricing from visitors as that's directly or indirectly related to how they profit. At rate.exposed, we want to expose all things that matter to your service shopping.

Anonymity: All reviews are submitted anonymously (no login, no email asked, no tracing) so we can protect reviewers from potential retaliation. That's also the reason why you will see more honest reviews from our site.

Immune from fake reviews: It's just too hard to fake a review when you have to share pricing/rebate/discount information. Think about it, if you are a service provider and you want to fake a review on rate.exposed: if I give the pricing too high, no one will find you; if I give the pricing too low, it's going to be hard to charge more later given that you have a record of charging lower.

More questions?

Contact us at rate.exposed@gmail.com