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GuoPing Zhou

5.00 (1 Reviews)
Wechat: ***pingzhou1204
Phone: ***3039280

Scope of work: Upgrade 100 amp electrical panel to 200 amp and add a subpanel to my garage

Quoted price: $4000

I would recommend Zhou for these reasons: 1. Cheapest, the ask price is about 20% lower than the second lowest quote I received (quoted 5 in total); 2.We were almost not involved in all his work and inspection. He finished everything, pass the inspection and left quietly. It's just so easy on us; 3. Electricians normally just did electric part but Zhou offered to patch the holes he drilled (for connecting to the subpanel at garaga). I still have to paint the wall after his patchwork but his patchwork already saved us quite some time and effort.
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