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from Shaoguan, Guangdong
Wechat: ***015098445
Phone: ***3425913

Daily Rate: $210

说谎成性, 喂的姿势不对小孩子吐了很多奶撒谎说就吐了一口。偷东西,把我的海参偷走了。做饭超级难吃,洗菜也洗不干净,害得我和老公拉肚子。不会带孩子,一个多月就竖抱小孩。

Daily Rate: $150

She arrived at US this Spring (2020) and was unemployed after taking two postpartum nanny jobs in SoCal. I was looking for long-term live-in nanny and she wasreferred by a postpartum nanny I knew (who blacklisted Nanny Chen after knowing what happened to us). She pretended to be nice and experienced in interview and promise to stay long. However, right after arriving in NorCal, she posted postpartum nanny Ads and sneakily took job interviews. She's lack of good skills to feed bottle, cleaning poop and guild baby to sleep. She's also lazy to cook meals and cooked very small portions. She asked us to wash milk bottles, take care of baby long time when she prepared a meal and took long-time shower during the day when baby was awake. Overall, she's not only unprofessional and greedy. When she left, she asked for additional compensation even if we already rounded up to full day payment. Be careful not to be fooled by her smile in the interview!
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