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JJ Liu

5.00 (1 Reviews)
works for BQ Group Inc.
Wechat: ***Liu-Home
Phone: *** 462 5575

Rebate: 1.25

I would highly recommend JJ as he was a great help to us in our home buying process. First, he puts our interests the foremost all the time and tries to save money for us whenever possible.He helped us buy a good deal and which was appraised 120k+ over the final sale price. Second, I really like how he addresses our questions with very good supporting arguments every time, which makes them very convincing, possibly due to his engineering background. In addition, JJ is experienced with home remodeling so he can provide suggestions regarding how to make the house better, what kind of houses to avoid, etc. I think this really set him apart with some other agents I have known in the past. Overall, I really appreciate JJ for guiding us through the process smoothly and he is for sure an amazing, energetic and honest agent!
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