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Auntie Wang helped our family for 2 months while there was the covid-19 pandemic happening. She was incredibly open, understanding and willing to get tested with no issues before and upon arrival.She has 16 years of experience caring for babies and it really shows. She is able to identify from a baby’s cry what our little girl needed and was always the best at calming her girl down when she was fussy. As first time parents we were new to the sleep deprivation concept 😆so her help in the evenings really helped us adjust to our new schedule of tending to baby. Our baby also had jaundice when she came out of the hospital. Ms Wang took a lot of care to track our daughter’s weight gain and skin tone to ensure she was getting rid of jaundice as soon as possible. With her help our baby was able to gain weight quickly and now is a healthy happy girl! In fact you can really see the roundness and strength in our daughter’s ability to hold her head up and her strong kicks thanks for Auntie Wang. :) Auntie Wang has assisted us with everything from learning how to bathe our daughter properly to how to hold her and how to change diapers quickly. Yes, we needed help with all of those areas as first time parents! She is open in honest with adjusting our form and providing hands on training to not only us but my parents too as first time grandparents. Another strength of Auntie Wang is her cooking! She made many soups for me for the moon meals and was familiar with what ingredients and spices to avoid to ensure baby didn’t have colic and to aide with my post part in recovery. She made fresh buns and dumplings and not only was it all very fresh and delicious but she worked very quickly! She was familiar with a variety of dishes and was open to adjusting seasonings and cooking to our liking which was very nice. We also appreciated that she took care to tidy up the kitchen each night too! My husband and I are quite tidy people and loved that she care for our baby and home as if it were her own. Thank you Auntie for being such wonderful help to us for our precious daughter ❤️ 在发生covid-19大流行的时候,王阿姨帮助了我们的家人2个月。 她非常开放,善解人意,并且愿意在到达之前和之后都接受测试。 她有16年的婴儿照护经验,这确实说明了这一点。 她能够从婴儿的哭声中识别出我们的小女孩需要的东西,并且总是最能使她的小女孩镇定下来,使她轻松。 作为初次父母,我们是睡眠剥夺概念的新手,所以她在晚上的帮助确实帮助我们适应了新的照顾婴儿的时间表。 我们的宝宝出院时也患有黄疸病。 王女士非常注意跟踪女儿的体重增加和肤色,以确保尽快摆脱黄疸。 在她的帮助下,我们的宝宝得以迅速增重,现在是一个健康快乐的女孩! 实际上,您真的可以看到我们女儿抬起头的能力中的圆度和力量,并且她的强力踢感谢王阿姨。 :) 王姨已经为我们提供了所有帮助,从学习如何正确给女儿洗澡,如何抱住女儿以及如何快速更换尿布。 是的,我们作为初生父母需要在所有这些方面提供帮助! 她坦诚地调整我们的形式,并不仅为我们而且为我的父母作为首次祖父母提供培训。 王阿姨的另一个优势是她会做饭! 她为我做很多汤来做月末餐,她熟悉避免使用哪种成分和香料来确保婴儿没有肠绞痛,并帮助我恢复病情。 她制作了新鲜的面包和饺子,不仅非常新鲜可口,而且工作非常迅速! 她熟悉各种菜肴,并且愿意根据我们的喜好调整调味料和烹饪方式,这非常好。 我们也感谢她也每天晚上也要整理厨房! 我和我的丈夫都很整齐,喜欢她照顾我们的孩子和家,就像她自己一样。 谢谢阿姨给我们宝贵的女儿❤️的帮助
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